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The session is absolutely a recommendation. For me myself, it’s a very fine massage of the body, I felt very compassionated and loved. I had from the beginning a visual of flowers and the smell. It brought me to my home where I grew up. Even it was not that garden, it was an open field, during the session the moment Gaëlle worked on my heart, I was in the core of a white rose. Everything felt very good and nice except my belly. There it was painful, that part she massaged deeply from my belly, up to my heart and throat. I felt that opened some old pain, it relieved and tears came up. The day after the session I felt light, more free to be myself , vulnerable so I was more open to let life come into my soul and mind. It was a beautiful experience. Especially because I did many different things before but this one touched my heart and went deep inside of old pain on a subtle way. I let flow without using my mind. Thanks Gaëlle.

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