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Jack | Tantric Journey
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My first session with Atka changed my life. I came to see Atka to work on my issues with intimacy that I was facing in my four year relationship. Due to pornography addiction throughout my childhood and other trauma, I had numbed my body and conditioned myself to only experience pleasure through intense friction. Atka understood exactly why I was coming and immediately helped me to feel relaxed and at ease. The experience was above and beyond all of my expectations, as after being thoroughly relaxed I was able to enter into a state where I was finally able to observe subtle energies passing throughout my whole body and I was able to even experience small full bodied orgasms without friction. After the session, and due to the toxins that had been released from the prostate massage, I was able to purge and Atka made me feel very safe and assured. Since then everything about my life has changed and I am convinced this is the path for me and my partner to take to heal the co-depedency and sexual blocks in our relationship. Atka you are a practitioner of the highest level and I cannot wait to book you again, whilst your fees are still such a bargain.

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