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I am happy to say that what has come up over the past three days is that I seem to be much less easily triggered. In fact I have so far been able to see where a situation arrises that might have triggered me and I have been able to relax around it and let go. I’m of course noticing the difference this has on my personal relationships.

My wife and my son are happier because I am happier. Similarly I can also feel where and when I become disengaged from my lower chakras as and when a habitual and unconscious hardening begins to occur in my solar plexus region, and I can then consciously release it and reconnect with the subtle vibrations emanating from my root chakra. Microcosmic breathing has also been incredibly beneficial to aid this. Emotionally I feel relaxed and engaged with life as a result.

One physical result I can report is that my lingam feels more alive and juicy (As it did as I stood talking to you after my shower, which would have definitely been a moment of fear and retraction previously)

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