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Kaiho | Tantric Journey
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I had the honor of receiving Iris’ Tantra massage, and I have to say it was a great experience. I had a little bit of inhibitions to receive a tantric massage from a person I didn’t know that well, but before the massage, Iris gave me some information about the massage, and gave me the opportunity to write down what I wanted from the massage and what I was uncertain about. It may be a simple thing, but that helped a lot in opening myself and surrendering to the process even before the massage started. Iris created a beautiful space with beautiful lights and relaxing music, and before the massage started, she guided me into a short but nice meditation that helped to continue opening me up, and it also initiated a personal connection between us, in which I could feel loved and respected. The nicest thing about Iris’ approach to the massage was her pure sincerity, and the palpable openness in her own heart as she did the massage. Personally, I think a relaxed attention and awareness on one hand, and love and care on the other, are the two most important things that create a magical experience, and both of these were very present in Iris’ massage. In general, I felt very cared for; Iris’ touch felt very pleasant, and she was very considerate in the way she handled my body and spirit. This allowed me to open up some of the blockages I had, and this made the massage a very intense experience for me, in which I could look my blockages right in the eyes, and allow them to weaken their grip on me in a space of love and caring.

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