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This morning my heart is yearning for a deepness, a connection a something. I think this may be an after effect of the session we had. I so appreciate that you left the room to get your back rest and when you came back and I said I would go shower, you asked if I wanted to hug some more and you pulled me back into you. I thank you for this because all I wanted to do was get home, be home and cry or whatever but be in the security of my flat and in my solitude. I was aware as I was feeling that, that was my usual reaction. It’s like a running away, flight to safety. But letting go on you was really great. I think you responded to me saying that I always have to hold myself up, and you gave me the opportunity to let go and allow YOU to hold me up. I’m so glad I allowed myself to do that, to feel what it was like to let go and let someone support me.

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