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Male, 40 | Tantric Journey
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Raisa is a very gentle and loving therapist, she made me feel comfortable from the very first minute.She held the session in a very caring and professional way. I felt her honesty and open heart really helped. In the beginning I felt safe and free to talk deep stuff, some uncomfortable feelings I had coming up felt natural to share. Raisa has a very good understanding of the body. The pressure she applied was perfect for me. Also, she is very empathic and listened well to my body needs, where and when she had to apply harder or gentler pressure and where to spend more time and extra work on the places that was needed the most. I very much enjoyed her balanced pressure and rhythm. Right after the session I felt very relaxed and energised. I think she helped me massively to be able to cope physically with hard work. Definitely had also a mental and emotional clearing after the session. Thank you very much for such a nice session.

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