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I’ve known Dave for over a year and half and I have seen him grow and fully dedicate himself to his path. On receiving an invitation for a session I automatically said yes. Dave is really grounded, very clear, clean, attentive and in tune. He was very accommodative to my needs always assuring me that he was there for me. I felt absolutely no judgement. I felt held but with space and he really honoured where I was at personally. He has a level of spiritual maturity and thorough experience, I can tell the difference when a person has and continues to develop themselves, personally and spiritually. He has a deeper understanding of the work and his own energy at hand.

Any one can take a course and call them self a professional, but to really live in integrity is a different thing. It is felt by his presence. He practices, and doesn’t preach. Much love and gratitude for the experience. I have finally told my friends that I’ve found a ‘real deal’ and I have referred him. I am not saying this as a friend I am saying this as a woman that knows the power of healing and when someone is really in their integrity, that cares about the utmost treatment and respect for women and people in general. This work puts you in a very vulnerable space and it is important to be with someone who knows what they are doing. Dave is that man. I love you X Heal the sisters brother. The women are waiting X

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