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Money can not match the out pouring of love and gratitude that I feel towards you and your work… I could write all day because I feel like my dreams came true yesterday. That I could literally let go of so much pain and trauma that I was totally unaware was in me, and the surprise at how it washed over me like a sudden wave out of know where. It was such a conscious cry, I was so aware of my face and the pain and watching how it all unfolded literally as an observer as I knew it was my body that needed to shake and cry not ME!!!  Crazy stuff, loving it so much.

I remember now what I wanted to say yesterday was that you said how we shut off to the pain and trauma so it doesn’t affect our day to day lives, but it’s still with us. Yes, this is how we can go about our day to day lives without feeling the intensity of our pain. However the pain resides within us and shapes our reality so the only thing to do is get it out. Its been 30 years since I received this imprint and I can only imagine that how I’m feeling is how I used to feel as a boy before any of this happened. So blessed to have met you and to experience this release.

Thank you again so much you are definately on your purpose and life path with this work, and with your Amma way and music you are an amazing piece of universe. Keep believing and sharing, all that is yours is on its way to you. With so much love and gratitude I reluctantly stop writing and thank you one more time. Bless you and loving thanks.

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