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Richard -Kate | Tantric Journey
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The session with you was truly amazing. Years of held pressure, grief and aloneness came up to be felt, expressed, loved and healed. I cannot tell you how healing it was to be received in my male-ness and human-ness by the feminine (through your form) in this way. There is one sentence you said that keeps reverberating in my mind every day since…’Shakti doesn’t want you to be shackled, she wants you to be a free man’. It had a huge impact on me to hear these words and feel where they came from (the mature feminine!), after my journey the last 6 years receiving negative energy from the immature feminine. It was like a reset button… I have felt so much lighter since the course…really feel I have left some toxic emotional baggage behind and as a result my body feels much lighter and my heart much more open. I am so grateful!! Sending you lots of love and respect for the beautiful work you do and the wonderful energy you brought to the course

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