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Roger | Tantric Journey
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I am writing this two days after my session. Jade told me she had not had a nearly blind client before. She took care, without fuss, to show me where things were in the shower room and treatment room. I was quickly able to share painful experiences and embarrassments in my own life which I am wanting to get rid of. Jade’s strength is the understanding of energies. I felt relaxed and in control of my emotions afterwards. (In terms of the prostate massage) Jade took great care slowly building up to the entry which I appreciated and enjoyed. There was no rushing and her finger technique was gentle and exploratory.

With the lingam massage, Jade worked carefully and lovingly around my groin, and testicles explaining about blockages and blood flow etc. This was very pleasurable and I felt no embarrassment. The lingam massage itself was very thorough and I felt perfectly in tune with the sexual energy being dispersed around my body without ejaculating. I was left with a very cared-for feeling, OK with my sexual self.

My thoughts and emotions were not all over the place and I felt I had been very well treated. On the train home, I made a few notes and practiced moving energies. I was realising that Tantric practice could be part of my life just like my daily exercises and music practice. Very good feelings.

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