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Feedback: After our session, as night fell, I felt tired and went to bed at 9:30 pm, which is unusually early for me. After 2-3 hours I woke up, and couldn’t fall back to sleep.
I felt my body was all energized. How to describe the feeling?… It’s like if you do yoga regularly and due to ill-health you haven’t done a session for two weeks. Today you are feeling much better, and you do a good and long session with all the asanas you like doing.
At the end of your yoga session, when you do “the corpse”, resting on your back on your mat, you are feeling energies pulsing and slightly vibrating all over the body. Well, it was how I was feeling last night, but multiplied by five.
I felt that these movements of energy extended 50 cm to one meter outside my physical body.
It lasted for hours through the night, preventing me from sleeping… I then realized, with wonder, how powerful your TJ massage had been, how deep you went into my emotional and energetic body, and how much your work had affected them. I feel it is going to take me 2-3 days to return to “normal”. Inline image
A detail, I had an erection during the night, and this morning when taking a shower I noticed that my penis was much firmer than normal, and slightly larger too. The glans/head was very naturally positioned above the shaft, royal and proud.
Good job, Kate Ma!
My head is bowing at your feet, my heart is reaching yours.
You are my Tantric mother, Kate Ma.
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