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Childhood Sexual Abuse | Tantric Journey
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Childhood Sexual Abuse

August 20th, 2018
Tantric Journey therapist Hanos blog on child abuse The effects of childhood sexual abuse can be incredibly far reaching. Decades after it has happened it may still define someone’s inner life. Indeed, there are many, many people who have left this life with no resolution of past abuse. It is so difficult to heal precisely because it was so damaging to experience. No one likes pain and to find healing means necessarily going back into that pain to release it. Whe... more

How to Solve Problems

August 10th, 2018
Tantric Journey therapist Hanos - blog You have a problem. I have a problem. We both want to solve them. That is something we have in common. However, we seldom reflect on what problems have in common, or, to put it another way; what is a problem? It makes sense I suggest, to understand what a problem is in general, as well as a particular problem you my have about a specific matter. Problems with an emotional component can be seen as stuck energy t... more

The Core of most of our Problems is Fear

August 9th, 2018
Tantric Journey therapist Hanos blog entitled 'Fear' This short piece will help you see ways to face the fear you fear and find the freedom you long for so deeply. It is fear that is usually the biggest obstacle to our growth and consequently our happiness. Fear at one stage served us well, teaching us to be wary of something that hurt us. In that respect pain is a survival mechanism to remove us from danger. The difficulty is that fear is undiscriminating and can... more


December 4th, 2017
I recently took part in an interesting group exercise.  There were 12 men and 12 women on the course and the women were asked to stand in one place while the men moved among them.  We were asked to approach each woman in turn individually and forming a judgement, look at the woman with that judgement; but without saying anything.  Later this exercise would be done the other way around. Then, the men were asked ... more


November 8th, 2017
There is an effective, gentle method of emotional self-healing called Focusing.  Although it can be done well with another person, it can also be done on your own and is a simple technique.  Developed by an American psychotherapist called Eugene Gendlin, it could be seen as having the same goals as Tantric Journey but without using physical touch.  Consequently, it can be used alongside our deep tissue massage or ... more
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