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Roxana | Tantric Journey
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February 12th, 2019
From the moment I started talking to Chris I felt at ease, he listened to me unconditionally without judgement. I felt effortlessly safe to express my deepest emotions, I cried, I screamed in rage, I released the hurt and pain trapped in my body, and all the time felt held unconditionally. I felt safe to say no, I felt safe to say what I wanted and what I didn’t. Being touched, listened to and loved like this gave ... more


January 4th, 2018
Chris gave me an unforgettable healing experience. I felt totally seen, heard and held. His energy was neutral and loving at the same time. He is a real healer and therapist, one that I can trust. He knows the shadows and has the depth to take you into your pain and then gracefully to your healing... more


November 16th, 2017
Chris is a compassionate tantric practitioner who creates a warm environment in which to delve into your tantric journey. He is very competent with what he does and attentive to your needs as a client. would highly recommend him.... more


September 10th, 2017
I feel privileged for the deep healing journey I went through with Chris. His sensitivity and steady loving care helped me to trust and fully surrender, allowing the vital, sexual and healing energies to flow through my all body, opening up and dissolving blockages. I could allow being vulnerable, getting in contact with the depth of my being, revealing myself, opening my heart, and re... more


September 10th, 2017
Chris created a beautiful intimate space where I could totally surrender, I felt very safe. In this loving environment it was easy to get in touch with deeper layers of emotions. I can really recommend him as he is so loving, respectful and calm, so one can dive into a timeless space.... more


September 10th, 2017
Chris is one of the few men I know who is emotionally open and compassionate. His massage and sessions are a pleasure for body and soul. I felt at all times wonderfully safe, understood, loved and touched on all levels. I can warmly recommend Chris!... more


September 10th, 2017
Thanks to the session with Chris, I now have a better understanding of my body and a deeper connection to it. I can relax and enjoy more.... more

Social Worker

September 10th, 2017
I recommend a session with Chris. It's very nourishing and it feels like something in me is healing. ... more


September 10th, 2017
Chris was during the whole session very sensitive and present. He showed an exceptional talent to receive my emotional state and followed intuitively my needs. He gave me wonderful support so I could let go, open up, express my feelings and let my energy flow. I felt very safe and held during the session and beautifully nourished even after a few days.... more


September 10th, 2017
Chris is very sensitive to the needs of his client and respects their boundaries. He offers important inputs that give space for past trauma to be felt and thereby transformed. ... more


September 10th, 2017
Chris has a very fine perception. He invites to open up and surrender. And he is able to hold the space. Chris love this work and brings all his love passion into connection. He gives a lot. Muchas Gracias. ... more


September 10th, 2017
Past life experiences and energetic abuse had an effect on my sexual life. After several years working on them through different techniques, I decided to go for a Tantric massage. I heard about his energies and amazing skills as a practitioner from a friend. He was fully open and seemed reliable during our phone conversation so I decided to book a session with him. ... more


September 10th, 2017
The session was incredibly tender. Chris was present throughout...with love and gratitude to you Chris.... more


September 10th, 2017
This was my first Tantric massage session, and I felt vulnerable, anxious and somewhat overwhelmed. I was also apprehensive about working with a man, after experiencing so much sexual abuse and rape in my past. I had some serious armor to get past, and was unsure if it was possible to let my guard down. Intimacy has always been really difficult for me, and I had spent my life just givi... more
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