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Llana | Tantric Journey
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August 31st, 2018
This morning my heart is yearning for a deepness, a connection a something. I think this may be an after effect of the session we had. I so appreciate that you left the room to get your back rest and when you came back and I said I would go shower, you asked if I wanted to hug some more and you pulled me b... more

Racquelle – Medium, Shamanic Healer

August 31st, 2018
I've known Dave for over a year and half and I have seen him grow and fully dedicate himself to his path. On receiving an invitation for a session I automatically said yes. Dave is really grounded, very clear, clean, attentive and in tune. He was very accommodative to my needs always assuring me that he wa... more

Sam – TJ practitioner

August 31st, 2018
I had my first Emotional Detox session in December 2016, that time I was quite confused and couldn't even decide if it was a positive experience or negative experience, but I stayed in touch with the bodywork somehow because I knew something in me was starting to change. When... more

M.C. London

August 31st, 2018
David was very tuned into me and created a beautiful sacred space, he helped me bring up past life and present life traumas which I was able to release, I felt light, energised and very cleansed after.... more

Kate Elenor

August 31st, 2018
I was in a very altered space after the releases. I knew something enormous had happened, with the two karmic completions and then a deeper Shakti awakening. I'm very grateful to David for this, it was soul level healing. It was a life-changing healing session for me - it released two enorm... more


August 31st, 2018
David has an incredible gift, mixing shamanism and tantra into a deeply healing journey. In his session I felt like I travelled back through time into a painful past and was able to face these issues and start to deal with them. ... more
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