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October 31st, 2017
Although Jade explained clearly what the ‘tantric journey’ massage involved in terms of procedure, I was still aware that I couldn’t predict how my body would react in any given moment. I have had a prostate massage before, but felt intuitively that due to past energy blockages, and general un-cleared emotional wreckage from the past, I needed another one. I was a little nervous to begin with, as it’s not... more

Anna Abramowska

October 31st, 2017
Jade holds the space in beautiful way. I felt safe. Lot’s of things shifted for me. I love the whole experience with Jade. She is very warm person and made me feel very safe. The massage was powerful and cleared lot’s of things. I felt very good after for many days. Thank You Jade for being You.... more


October 31st, 2017
Jade was able to attend to small details without losing the bigger picture of overall bodywork. I liked the meditation at the beginning. It help me to connect with her on an energetic level. During the various techniques of massage she had applied the right amount of pressure and softness during the session. She was also responsive to my bodily expressions, vocalisation and respiration. The whole body was taken c... more


October 31st, 2017
I felt extremely safe and emotionally held. I felt like I could release anything and everything even though I didn't know what that was at the time. Jade was there so relaxed and helped me heal completely. The body work was amazing and the best massage I ever had. She applied the perfect pressure and movement.  She was very competent and confident. She talked through as she massaged all my organs through my yoni... more


October 31st, 2017
I love Jade's energy which is so uplifting, nurturing and sensual. She is very skilled in taking what is necessary from the schedule and applying it according to the needs of the client and using her unique skills and expertise in Daoist practices. I feel safe with Jade, exploring sensuality and sexuality with a woman who is both very naive and playful at the same time. Held in sisterhood and feminine love/grace... more


October 31st, 2017
In every way Jade was able to demonstrate that she was passionate about practicing her body work skills. I felt she did not show clumsiness that a novice might show.She was masterful and gentle throughout, it was a sexual awakening, and thus gave me a positive channeling of my sexual energies. I would recommend the massage to those who want to embrace their inner self and understand themselves holistically. I made co... more


October 31st, 2017
I am writing this two days after my session. Jade told me she had not had a nearly blind client before. She took care, without fuss, to show me where things were in the shower room and treatment room. I was quickly able to share painful experiences and embarrassments in my own life which I am wanting to get rid of. Jade’s strength is the understanding of energies. I felt relaxed and in control of my emotions afterw... more
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