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Christmas Dinner Tantric Style – The Art of Sensuous Food | Tantric Journey
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Forget about peeling the spuds and roasting the turkey, this year why not indulge in a sensuous Tantric inspired feast that will enliven your sensuality and bring great connection between you and your partner?

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is an ancient text from India’s tantric tradition that contains 112 meditations that Shiva gave to his lover Shakti. Several of them contain meditations with touch, skin, smell, sound and other senses. These are often referred to as the Tantric Gateways and this is a vital precursor to intimacy as you need to be present within yourself before you can be fully present with another as well as it being  vital element in forming a connection with a partner. In his book. ‘Emotional Detox through Bodywork’, Mal Weeraratne describes how to connect with a partner through the chakras and the seven gateways as well as creating the soul mate connection.

This Christmas give you and your partner the gift of following a sutra which can be translated as: “When eating or drinking become the taste of the food or drink, and be filled.”  Which in layman’s terms means blind folding and  sensually feeding your partner divinely lush food and drinks.

  • Gather together foods that are delicious, sweet and soft and avoid hard, salty or bitter foods. Strawberries, warm chocolate and other sweet fruits are ideal.
  • Once all the food is assembled cut it into bite sized morsels.
  • Create a comfortable and relaxing space to carry out the exercise.
  • Apply the blindfold to your partner and then bring a piece of food close to their face, near their nose. Allow them to smell the food. Take your time.
  • Once your partner begins to smell, you may notice their lips part. At this point, trace the moist piece of fruit slowly along their lower lip. Be playful and use the food to tease. This should stimulate them to open their lips even more. Observe sounds of pleasure and signs that  they are surrendering.
  • Once their lips part completely, use the food to tease in and out of their mouth a little, but not yet feeding it all the way in. Let them have the pleasure of tasting, licking and sucking a little, and gradually build the desire through light playful teasing.
  • When the time feels right you can feed the whole piece of food to them.
  • Once your partner has had time to chew, enjoy and process the piece of food you can repeat the exercise with a different piece of food.
  • As you progress through this meditation, then become more intimate with your partner, smearing chocolate on your finger and allowing them to lick it off and introduce caressing and kissing into the exercise.
  • When you remove the blind fold; take time and gaze into your partners eyes.
  • Finally …enjoy the time and sensory connection that this practice brings.

Happy Christmas from Tantric Journey! If you would like to learn more, visit our website here.

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